Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Simple Art of Conversation

I'm in an ill mood and that yields grumpy writing. Here is one of many things on my mind:
Today's writers are required to be bad ass bloggers, meaning that they only need to have a modicum of writing skills. In our postmodern word, literary competency has become less important than the ability to talk techie in one's sleep. I estimate that the average blogger spends 10% time writing and 90% time designing, tweeting, pinning, etc., ad nauseum. 
Sort of like musicians. Once MTV pushed the broadcast button and aired Video Killed the Radio Star, singing took a back seat to visual appeal. It's always about image and occasionally about substance. 
I doubt I will ever end up on Google's list of hot trends or be offered a blog spot by Huffington Post. I lack edginess and anger. At 54, I'm simply not sexy and sell-able. Fortunately, my ego is well-defined and I can handle this lack of celebrity. And, I do have a modest following of readers in RUSSIA! This continues to astound and humble me. 
Keep reading my blog posts if you want. I may not be edgy, but I am always available for the simple art of conversation. 

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