Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Motherless Blogger Kept Afloat by Russians

I'm rather waterlogged. After all, my sweet husband was hospitalized three times for a total of fifteen days in January. I tried hard to keep up with the blog, but my Wonder Woman skills assessed my life, got overwhelmed by the heavy tides, and made a quick exit.

At least the utility bills got paid on time and that is quite a feat these days, given the frenzy of - well - cardiogenic shock, life-threatening potassium levels, and bouts with little stuff like neuropathy.

I did manage to steal a few minutes and check this blog site tonight. What a joy to find that my Russian readers continued to check in, despite several days of silence on my end. I'm serious, folks. The fact that people on the other side of the globe visit my meager site when I am unable to provide content, is about the most uplifting thing I've felt in weeks. How very humbling. 

Tomorrow is my dear mother's birthday. She passed in 2008, at the age of 86, and my heart still skips more than one beat when I think of her. She absolutely sparkled. Indeed, her glow intimidated most people, particularly during those decades when the shine of a woman was supposed to be a reflection of a man. Anything outside of that norm signaled an aberrance that unsettled both those who mattered to my mother, and those who did not. 

Every day, I feel the influence of my mother in my life. Don't we all? Most of what I learned from her was amazing, but I confess that life as the daughter of a woman with an independent yet bullied spirit was not always easy. 

I'm quite certain that my mother is with me now as I do my best to help my husband battle the cancer monster. My own Wonder Woman skills may have fled, but my mother is here - in sparkling armor - making sure I stay afloat. 

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